Drupal Commerce 2.0 released its stable version 3 hours ago. We've been developed with it for a while and really thrilled and excited to celebrate this launch.

When you develop with Drupal 8.2.x/8.3.x and save the view with not "string" based group filter, you get an error on your screen says "The website encountered an unexpected error".

There is a patch to resolve the issue. Read the article to see the detail of this issue.

DrupalConsole is a CLI command tool exclusive for Drupal 8 development to generate boilerplate code, interact with and debug Drupal. It requires running under a php environment and bash shell, which needs additional efforts to use DrupalConsole in Windows, as well as the popular Drush command. Follwing this article, you can quickly have a DrupalConsole development environment all set in your computer.