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  • Jr. & Sr. PHP Developer
  • Jr. & Sr. Front-end Developer


Job Description

Sr. & Jr. PHP Developer

We are looking for PHP developer who is dedicated to his craft creating beatiful, efficient code in a hight standard. You will be a part of the creative team and responsible for the ongoing website development from design review, developing to the lauching.

  • Responsibilities

    • Develop and maintain modules of assigned web projects
    • Communicate with and support front-end development
    • Troubleshoot, test and maintain the core product software and database to ensure strong optimization and functionality
  • Requirements

    • Proven software development experience in PHP
    • Expert in OOP development
    • Expert in one of the PHP frameworks, such as Symphony, Lavarel
    • Familiar with Composer
    • Good knowledge of version control tools
    • Experience in common third-party APIs (Google, Facebook, Paypal etc)
    • Passion of best design and good quality of code and a desire to develop new bold ideas


Sr. & Jr. Front-end Developer

We are looking for Senior and Junior Front-end Developer to be responsible for the coding, innovative design and layout of our websites.

  • Responsibilities

    • Create website layout/UI by using standard HTML/CSS practies
    • Integrate and sort the data from various back-end or 3rd party APIs
    • Cooperate with web designer and PHP engineer to match the technical and visual design intent
  • Requirements

    • In-depth knowledge of modern HTML/CSS
    • Expert in JavaScript and one of the DOM oriented or Web-application libraries, such as jQuery, AngularJS, React.js
    • Expert in browser compatibility issue, especially mobile browsers, e.g. Chrome for Android, Safari for iOS
    • Good knowledge of GIT version control tools
    • Familiar with at least one of the following template: Liquid, Twig, nunjucks
    • Familiar with RESTful and HTML5 APIs
    • Passion of best design and good quality of code and a desire to develop new bold ideas


Apply for the Job

Junior applicant should fit at least 3 requirements as described above;
Senior applicants are welcome for more proven experiences beyond the requirements.

Please send us your résume via [email protected]
with Email subject: [ Job Title ]_[ Your name ]